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automatic helix straw cutting machine

F-1 series full automatic helix tube cutting machine

   F-1 series full automatic helix tube cutting machine , the auxiliary equipment of the high-peed extrusion line , is a kind of cutting machine used to make the drinking straws having a helix shape line. It comprises helical traction device, tube-cutting device, straw guiding device and automatic straw gathering device. The machine is driven by a crossed helical gearing ----two motor crossed  ---- to make the drinking straw torsion and having a line of spiral shape . Then the straw tube cutted by the rotated knife and gathered. Because of its highly automatic degree,the machine is convenient to operate and has a reliable quality.


 Draging drive motor                         0.75kW×2       380V                                   
 Cutting drive motor           0.75kw            380V
  Small drafting motor             120W            380V
  Auto gathering  motor               0.75kW           380V
Capacity                       700pcs/ min

   According to the length of the straw

  Operating model          Automatic gathering the straw
    Machine size                      1450×1700×1500mm
  Machine weight                         500kg


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